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Medical Emergency Calls

What number should I call in case of a medical emergency?

If you have a medical emergency, call either 609-771-2345 from a cellular phone or 9-1-1 from a campus phone.

Will the police come if I call you?

As a safety precaution,TCNJ Campus Police needs to respond to every call we are sent to.

Do you transport patients to the hospital?

No, TCNJ EMS provides non-transport Basic Life Support services. If needed, we will call for additional resources for further care and transport to the hospital.

I’m embarrassed about going to the hospital. Do I have to be transported by an ambulance?

It is not uncommon to feel embarrassed. However, this should never stop you from calling us if you need immediate medical attention. If you are ill or injured, we are here to help you. Your situation will be handled with utmost medical professionalism.

Can I refuse medical attention (RMA)?

Ultimately, the decision to refuse medical attention is determined by the duty crew. As per state laws, anyone under the age of 18 cannot refuse unless you are an emancipated minor.

Will I be billed for your services?

No, TCNJ EMS provides its services FREE of charge. However, if you need additional medical attention or transportation services, some ambulances in Mercer County may charge for transportation plus the cost of any treatments. TCNJ EMS does not cover the charges from these other agencies. Patients should speak to their insurance companies regarding regarding bill payment.

Do you only respond to TCNJ students?

No, we respond to any calls on campus dialed using our dispatch number. These calls may include TCNJ students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

What types of emergencies are your most common call?

We respond to many different types of calls. For more information, please visit our Call Statistics page.

What is that vehicle I see you driving all over campus?

Response Vehicle

Our Global Electric Motorcars® (GEM) vehicle is used so that we may respond promptly to calls on campus. We also use our vehicle to store backup supplies and equipment.

Membership & Certification

What are the different types of membership?

There are three major types of membership: responding, auxiliary, and alumni. Responding members are those that respond to emergency medical calls on campus. Auxiliary members are those that assist the squad’s additional responsibilities including community outreach and awareness programs. Alumni members are those that have graduated from TCNJ and have dedicated a significant amount of time to TCNJ EMS while they were students. For more information about membership, please visit our Membership Eligibility and Our Members pages.

How can I become a member?

Please visit our Become A Member page for more information on membership benefits, eligibility, duties, and certifications.

Are members paid or volunteer?

Our members are unpaid volunteers dedicated to servicing the TCNJ community. However, there are a few exclusive student employment opportunities available for responding members through application. For more information, please contact our Club Sports Supervisor, Dan Tran, at

Are all members pre-med?

No, our members study various disciplines and have diverse professional goals. Just to name a few, past majors include Nursing, Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, iSTEM, Urban Education, Business, Criminology, Computer Science, English, History, and Health & Exercise Science. To learn more about our current members, please visit the Our Members page.

What does a typical duty shift look like?

A typical weeknight duty shift includes performing equipment checks, answering medical calls, and writing patient care reports. Each active responding member is asked to be on call for a duty shift every 2 weeks and for a 24-hour weekend shift every 5 weeks. A duty shift takes place from 8:00PM to 7:00AM on weeknights from Sunday through Thursday.

How can I become certified as an EMT or in First Aid and/or CPR?

Please visit our Get Certified page.

I’m an out-of-state EMT. Can I still join TCNJ EMS? Do I need to apply for reciprocity?

We accept National Registry EMT (NREMT) certifications. If you have an out-of-state EMT certification, depending on from which state your certification is, you may still be able to join TCNJ EMS. State mandated practices may vary widely. Reciprocity may be required or highly recommended. For more information, please email us at

Will TCNJ EMS pay for my class?

Only current responding members are eligible for EMT course funding. Requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis by our Supervisor. Please email us for more information at

How can I join the alumni association?

The alumni association consists of former responding members of TCNJ EMS (formerly Lions’ EMS) who graduated in good standing with the agency. For more information about the application process, please visit our Membership Eligibility page.

Standby & Co-Sponsor Requests

How can I get TCNJ EMS to provide standby coverage at my organization’s event?

You can request TCNJ EMS to provide standby coverage at your organization’s event by completing the Standby Request Form. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Deputy Chief at

How can I get TCNJ EMS to co-sponsor my organization’s event?

You can request TCNJ EMS to co-sponsor your organization’s event by contacting our Vice President at

Additional Information

How can I donate or help the squad financially?

To donate to our squad, please visit the TCNJ Give Now page. Enter the desired amount you wish to donate. Under the “Designation” drop-down menu, select “Other.” In the field that appears, enter “TCNJ EMS.” Press the “Add Donation” button, and complete the rest of the required information in the form. Press the “Donate Now” button to finalize your donation to TCNJ EMS.

Additionally, we do have on-going fundraisers. For more information about these fundraisers, please visit our Fundraising page.

What is the difference between TCNJ EMS and other organizations on campus?

TCNJ EMS consists of all student volunteers. Unlike other organizations, during our hours of operation, our responding members provide emergency medical care to anyone on campus who requires medical assistance.

I’m interested in starting my own collegiate EMS agency. Who can I contact?

If you are interested in starting your own collegiate EMS agency, please email us at Additionally, the official National Collegiate EMS Foundation (NCEMSF) website has many resources for new startups.

I want to thank someone from TCNJ EMS for helping me when I called last night. Who can I contact?

We welcome call feedback anytime! Please email us at

I still have questions! Who can I contact?

Please email our Secretary, Anna Torchiano, at