TCNJ Weather Alert

Due to the impending snow storm, TCNJ will be closed on Wednesday, March 21 through noon on Thursday, March 22 (conditions permitting). See note for Residential Students.

Alert Posted on March 20th, 2018 at 7:14 pm

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Melissa Kinoian

Melissa Kinoian
Name: Melissa Kinoian
Position: Deputy Chief, Crew Chief, Responding Member, AHA BLS Instructor
Badge Number: 138-02
Year: Senior
Studying: Biology
Hometown: Paramus
Home Squad: River Edge Volunteer Ambulance Service                                                                              Other Affiliations: Dr. Fazen’s Research Lab, HA in Townhouse South
Fun Fact: I’m Armenian, even though I look nothing like Kim Kardashian.
Why did you join TCNJ EMS?: I joined TCNJ EMS because I enjoy being an EMT and helping people, and because I wanted to become more involved in the TCNJ community. I like TCNJ EMS because it’s a student-run organization that is made up of selfless volunteers, who dedicate a lot of their precious time to ensure that people on campus have quick access to help whenever a medical emergency arises.