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Application for Fall of 2016

Link to application:

We currently do not have open positions for responding members. However, we encourage all eligible TCNJ students to apply. If and when a position opens up in our organization over the course of the semester, we will evaluate all applications on file in order to fill the position.

An ideal applicant will have intentions of upward mobility within the organization and enthusiasm for emergency medicine.  We also ask that all accepted First Aiders enroll in an EMT course by their 3rd semester as a member of TCNJ EMS. If you do not have the required certifications, we offer CPR and First Aid classes throughout the semester and you can apply after obtaining your certifications.

Spots for responding members are limited and all responding members will be chosen based on interest in emergency medicine, dedication to our organization, as well as any prior EMS experience.

Best of luck with the application and feel free to email if you have any questions or concerns about the application or your eligibility.